4Life RiteStart is used by many people on a daily basis to supplement their nutrition. Click on any of the images below for the testimonial story. 4Life Ritestart is an all in one, convenient, and money-saving solution for personal nutrition.

Edgar Rentería
2010 World Series MVP In 1997 and 2010, I was on the winning World Series teams. Before my games, I take 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, Energy Go Stix®, and RiteStart® Men.
Try 4Life and they can change your life.
Ian Baker-Finch
CBS Sports Analyst Winner of the British Open & Winner on all Four Major Tours “I’m uncompromising when it comes to what I put in my body, both on and off the course. That’s why I supplement with RiteStart® Men on game day and every day.”
Bianca Lisonbee
4Life Co-founder “As long as I am taking RiteStart, I know that I am giving my body the best all-around nutritional protection. I love how it is customized to support my special needs as a woman.”
Teresa Tomalska, MD
Family Medicine“RiteStart Women gives me the convenience I need for fantastic overall health by taking the guesswork out of supplementation. As a family physician, I am pleased to see the combined power of 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula for unbeatable immune system support and all the essentials for daily healthy living. RiteStart is a gold mine of nutrients! ”
Duane Townsend, MD
Gynecology and GYN Oncology“I have been taking natural supplements for many years. After researching the best the industry has to offer, I am very confident in the superior support that RiteStart Men provides for my health. I am especially impressed with the ingredients in the Men’s Health Blend that promote my prostate health. RiteStart Men is the most complete all-in-one product I have ever taken.”
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